Imagine how it’s always cool and refreshing sitting outdoors in your favorite restaurant, especially when you’re on an evening date on a summer night. The weather is favorable, the night sky is peaceful, and the restaurant lights; perfect vibes. So how about you bring the same vibe to your backyard? Your patio can be as fancy as the restaurant’s patio or even better. To help achieve this, we’ve put together some of the most amazing ideas to incorporate into your patio design.  
  • A built-in fire pit Fire pits are popular for good reasons; you can have a sing-along night with your family, roast marshmallows, or simply enjoy a peaceful night with a glass of wine as you watch the flames crackle. So, to make the most of your summer nights, consider integrating a fire pit into your patio design plan.
  • Consider a Trellis or other shade structures as your Patio Covers Trellis, arbors, and pergolas are the best shade structures to build over a patio. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they can also allow for some vines or running plants to grow over them. This is a guarantee of shade all summer.
  • An all-year-round patio Want to enjoy the outdoors even in the winter chill? Consider building a roof over your patio, then add a fireplace. To help trap heat, add a screened-in cover, maybe with a sliding glass door. With the addition of comfortable and beautiful seating, you can enjoy your patio all year long.
  • A hideaway sunken patio If you want to escape the realities of life, not literally, of course, a sunken patio will do. Especially when your surrounding landscaping is full of thick bushes, the privacy is just incredible. You can also consider building a shorter trellis to crown your hideaway and include a fire pit to extend the party to the night.
  • A raised patio If you want to enjoy the beauty of your landscaping, you can consider building a raised patio to overlook your landscaping. Make it sizable to accommodate a grill and dining seating for a fun moment with friends and family.

Sound Construction Can Help Incorporate these Ideas in Your Patio Construction

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